ray brooks                                                                                          

 .. who could be described as  a   Freelance professional sculptor and art consultant for

all kinds of sculpture and art projects............. 

   Large scale outdoor sculpture  in stone , metal, earth, wood

    Environmental and Landscape Art  


        BIG  Ceramics and Firing , giant kilns, fire sculpture,  mosaics...........





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            Here is just a small selection of work over the last few years

                               ( click on the pictures to enlarge)


     For more recent pictures see   -  Photo Gallery

                                   and Catalogue some for sale


 Selection 1 -    Wood



Selection2   -  Outdoor Sculpture




SSelection3 -   Models and Dragons and stuff




Presently    Still delightfully engaged with chainsaw sculpture - carving chunks of Oak, Cedar, Poplar, etc into whatever seems to appear.

 Go to  www.treesculpture.co.uk  and have a look ............
easy to drift off these days , wandering down existential byways of misguided creativity, gazing into deep pools with "NO FISHING" scrawled on an old plank, nailed to a post stuck in the middle of the water and leaning over quite precariously. I used to fish , when younger, but I started noticing fishes faces and eyes - and disbelieving that thing about fish not being able to feel pain - like  "  O  !!  Here's a number 6 blued steel hook embedded in my cheek and it appears to be dragging me forcefully through the water !!!!! How interesting, doesn't hurt a bit !! " 

 Now I'm a bit more inclined towards Peace , joy and loving kindness to all Sentient Beings ........still in love with the creative process.

Also training in Energy Healing and Reiki....... something very different.........


  Contact me on the "Feedback" page   or    call    :    07949 404027



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