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and some links to other interesting sites 

www.treesculpture.co.uk          Chainsaw carving and sculpture in Suffolk uk

www.lambtonsundial.co.uk      The biggest sundial in the UK  , I built it in 2007

www.dragoncircle.co.uk             All about DRAGONS and DRAGON art

www.andymanning.moonfruit.com    Environmental Art and Education

https://www.buildamountain.co.uk             Project to build a MOUNTAIN in East Anglia

www.rhwildenandsons.co.uk      Sawmill and Excellent Wood dealer

www.theclayman.co.uk                   So , who is he ?

www.thoughtiscreative.com    Try it , you are a magician

www.lovelifeseekpeacestopwar.co.uk          a world that works for everyone ?