.. who could be described as  a   Freelance professional sculptor and art consultant for

all kinds of sculpture and art projects…………. 

   Large scale outdoor sculpture  in stone , metal, earth, wood

    Environmental and Landscape Art  

        BIG  Ceramics and Firing , giant kilns, fire sculpture,  mosaics………..


  Here is just a small selection of work over the last few years

                               ( click on the pictures to enlarge)

     For more recent pictures see   –  Photo Gallery

 and Catalogue some for sale

 Selection 1 –    Wood

Selection2   –  Outdoor Sculpture

Selection 3 –   Models and Dragons and Stuff

Still delightfully engaged with chainsaw sculpture – carving chunks of Oak, Cedar, Poplar, etc into whatever seems to appear.

 Go to  www.treesculpture.co.uk  and have a look …………
easy to drift off these days, wandering down existential byways of misguided creativity, gazing into deep pools with “NO FISHING” scrawled on an old plank, nailed to a post stuck in the middle of the water and leaning over quite precariously. I used to fish, when younger, but I started noticing fishes faces and eyes – and disbelieving that thing about fish not being able to feel pain – like  ”  O  !!  Here’s a number 6 blued steel hook embedded in my cheek and it appears to be dragging me forcefully through the water !!!!! How interesting, doesn’t hurt a bit !! ” 

 Now I’m a bit more inclined towards peace, joy and loving-kindness to all Sentient Beings ……..still in love with the creative process.

Also training in Energy Healing and Reiki……. something very different………