Photo Gallery

Some recent pictures

Below a small selection of pictures of work done over the last fifteen or so years – not in any particular order. More to follow as I get time to add pictures.

Medicine Wheel – 2009

Designed with students from Clacton High School, based on the American Indian Medicine wheel.  English Oak – 9ft high – 2 tons.




Swiss Dragon  –  2008






Feng Shui  Dragon – carved for a client in Switzerland from English Oak  –
about 40ft long 
May 2008




Butterfly Seat 2009




                                                     A memorial seat in Kiln Dried English Oak





Qatar – 2010



                           “Merlion”  lantern – bamboo, withies and tissue paper – 7 metres high




Hilltop School – Essex  2010


Alice in Wonderland Seat




Woodbridge School – 2008


       “Tulip”  –   Memorial Story telling seat – Oak – July and  October 2008



Reepham School – Norfolk






Reepham School –
three views of the story-telling area installed in May 2008.




Woodside School   


 Woodside School Norwich 2005 – just finished this – not so much sculpture  – basically a water feature for kids to play in , ponds and dams, splassh…..








 “Peace monument”   2005 Coppins Green /Clacton- Concrete and blocks – with a thousand ceramic tiles from the children, local veterans, British Legion, staff, etc. etc. using the themes of ”  Seek Peace”    “Stop War”   “Love Life”






  Lambton Sundial 2007 – A mound of Earth in a Fibonacci Spiral, monumental sandstone hourstones, and a 60ft Gnomon created from recycled railway track.
As far as I know “The biggest Sundial in Britain” .



 “Water Dragon”

 “Water Dragon”  Somerset ,  On the site of Glastonbury Festival –    around 1998.  
About 60ft long – built by damming a small stream – concrete and steel with a covering of split local stone , rocks and crystals.




‘Spiral Galaxies’     
Debden Park High School  -in Stainless Steel panels  from designs by pupils derived from images  of Spiral Galaxies downloaded from the Hubble Telescope  






Boreham Dragon Essex   2001   
30ft long -Water feature of  concrete and steel with broken tile mosaic and ceramic fired bricks created by all the school children and staff.





 The Clayman



”  the Clayman”  –   A bizarre event involving   a Dream, a Search , a Brickyard, a Deep hole in the Clay, a Discovery, a Brick-Kiln, a Firing lasting Four Days, and eventually a touring performance event…….  good fun.






 “Four Directions”
Ellistown 2000 
12ft high  – created  with local people/schoolchildren –  from  mosaics and bricks from the nearby brickworks.      







“Our Faces” 
Built out of the old bike sheds at North School in Colchester 2001.  Concrete with mosaics and ceramic faces of all the children in the school, made by themselves.






Mirror Mosaic –
Entrance to theatre foyer 
Dukeries – 2003






me  –  sawing – Sandringham 2004






Giant Puppets   
this was  a period from about 1990 to 1999  working with companies like Welfare State International, Dragonfire and Walk the Plank – BIG outdoor shows with huge audiences , lights , sound, spectacular fireworks etc –  and these big puppets – 
Lots of them from DICKENS   like  Sykes DOG   and   SCROOGE  (above)     —      also  lots and lots of FIRESCULPTURE   ——-






“Viking Fireship ”  –
A 70ft floating Fire Sculpture at Tatton Park/with Halle Orchestra  – 





“Wild Horses ”  
Again at Tatton Park with the Halle – the largest figure is about 12ft high




And here are some more DRAGONS  –    
which I have now grown out of …….probably


Sandbach  cheshire     1999 ?




Houghton Church   1999 ?




Ceramics –  “Man- Dragon”



Model for Clayman







 Crow Tree  – 
near Bawdsey –
Feb 04  
NOT a sculpture – just a nice photo……..